Action Verbs: Boost Your Writing with Dynamic Language

Action Verbs The Key to Dynamic English Communication

Action verbs are an essential component of any well-crafted resume. They are powerful and unique words that convey a sense of action and accomplishment. In a job application, action verbs are used to highlight a candidate’s skills, experience, and achievements in a way that is specific and confident. Action verbs are also commonly used in … Read more

Phrasal Verbs: Understanding and Using Them Correctly

Phrasal Verbs Unlocking the Secrets of English Language

Phrasal verbs are a crucial part of the English language, especially in informal contexts. They are made up of a verb and one or two particles that can change the meaning of the verb. For example, “pick up” means to grab or lift, which is very different from the meanings of “pick” and “up” alone. … Read more

Linking Verbs: What They Are and How They Function

What are Linking Verbs

Linking verbs are an essential part of the English language. They connect the subject of a sentence to additional information about it, such as a state of being or condition. Unlike action verbs, linking verbs do not show any action. Instead, they describe the subject. Common examples of linking verbs include “be,” “seem,” “appear,” “look,” … Read more

List of Verbs | 2500+ English Verbs for ESL Learners

List of Verbs | 2500+ English Verbs for ESL Learners 3

List of Verbs! Useful list of over 2500 verbs that are commonly used in English with example sentences and printable infographics. Learn these types of verbs with verb definitions to improve your grammar in English. Verb Definition and Types of Verbs A verb is a kind of word (part of speech) that tells about an action or a state. It … Read more

Regular Verbs: A Big List of Regular Verbs in English

Regular Verbs: A Big List of Regular Verbs in English 5

Regular Verbs in English! Learn the definition and a list of over 130 common regular verbs in English. Useful vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers with ESL infographic. Regular Verb Definition Unlike irregular verbs, those verbs that form their past participle with ‘d’ or ‘ed’ are regular verbs. These verbs do not undergo substantial changes … Read more