Comma Rules | Comma Definition & Examples for ESL Learners

How to Use Commas in English! Learn the comma definition, basic comma rules illustrated with example sentences and ESL printable infographic.

Learn more about the punctuation “full stop” in English.

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Comma Definition

A comma is a punctuation used to denote a pause in the sentence. A comma is used to structure a sentence and helps the reader understand the meaning of the sentence.

Comma Rules

The following are the most common usages of the comma in the English language.

1. To separate a series of words (nouns, adjectives, verbs or adverbs) in a sentence.

  • Tom, Anna, Jim and Richard went for the meeting.
  • John is an intelligent, loyal and hardworking employee.
  • You must complete the assignment honestly, correctly and quickly.
  • David ran, swam and cycled to complete the athletic event.

2. To separate a series of phrases in a sentence.

  • Amit completed his homework, packed his bags, polished his shoes and went to sleep.
  • I went to the market, bought the present, got it gift wrapped and came to the birthday party.

3. To separate the parenthetical elements (a part of a sentence that can be removed without changing the meaning of the sentence).

  • M.S. Dhoni, India’s cricket captain, hit a six to win the match.
  • David, the head boy of the school, has been absent for the last three days.

4. To separate the quoted parts from the rest of the sentence.

  • The great leader told the crowd, “I will fast till death until our demands are met.”
  • “Please go back to your houses,” said the policeman to the crowd.
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