Demonstrative Pronouns: Definition, Examples & Exercises

Demonstrative Pronouns in English! Learn definition, usage and examples of demonstrative pronouns with ESL printable infographic.

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Demonstrative Pronoun

What is a demonstrative pronoun?

Demonstrative Pronouns are used to show or identify one or a number of nouns that may be far or near in distance or time. They are only four in number: This, That, These and Those.

This and That are singular demonstrative pronouns and These and Those are plural demonstrative pronouns. They can also be used to show an unspecified quantity in a sentence.

  • That is a beautiful house.

That is a demonstrative pronoun that is referring to a specific noun (house). This is a singular pronoun as it is referring to only one house.

  • These were made by me.

These is showing an unspecified quantity of something that was made by a person. This is a plural demonstrative pronoun as it’s referring to a number of objects.

  • Everyone remembers those days.

Those is showing a particular time or period of days in the past; it is being used in place of a noun that could be – school, summer, college, etc. Here also those is a plural demonstrative pronoun as it’s indicating a number of days.

  • This is what he is charging?

This is used as a pronoun in place of a number and it is also acting as a quantifier by referring not only to the noun but to the amount/number of the noun as well. This is a singular demonstrative pronoun.

Demonstrative Pronouns Examples

  • This is the one I want.
  • Harry, this is Joan.
  • Come and look at this.
  • That’s a very good idea.
  • Is that your brother over there?
  • Hello, is that Ken Orm? This is Jane Bromham here.
  • We’re going to eat first and then go to the film. Are you happy with that?
  • Can I have one of these?
  • These are nice shoes, but they look uncomfortable.
  • Those look like riper than the apples on my tree.
  • What colour are those? Black or dark blue. I can’t see.

Demonstrative Pronouns Quiz

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