FULL STOP (.) Meaning and Examples (Period Punctuation)

Full Stop (.) in English! The following lesson provides meaning and examples of the most common punctuation mark used in English with ESL pictures.

Full Stop Meaning & Usage

The full stop or the period (.) is the strongest punctuation in the English language.

It appears as a single dot on the bottom line of the text, and it indicates, when used at the end of a sentence, a strong pause. Look at the following examples:

  • Let’s go there.
  • I like this laptop.
  • Read this book.
  • I will go home.

This is the most common and obvious use of this punctuation mark but it is also used in some other situations.

1. After abbreviations like etc., a.m., p.m.

2. After words like “Goodbye.” “All right.” “Hi.”

  • Goodbye. I will see you soon.
  • Hi Amit. How are you?
  • All right. Let’s finish this by Thursday.

3. After titles like Mr., Mrs., Dr. etc.

4. After decimal points like:

  • The sales fell by 6.3% this week.
  • The share market index rose by 5.1% this quarter.

Full Stop in English | Period Punctuation Infographic

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