Definition & Useful List of Verbs Followed by Gerunds with Gerund Examples

What is a gerund? List of Gerund Examples. Learn types of gerunds and useful list of most popular verbs followed by gerunds in English with ESL printable infographics.


Gerund Definition

A gerund is formed by adding–ing to a verb. It functions as a noun. The gerund is commonly used after quite a few different verbs.

The four types of gerunds and gerund phrases follow:

1. Subject

2. Direct Object

3. Object of Preposition

4. Subject Complement

For examples:

  • Swimming is very good for the body.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the hospital.
  • Reading is relaxing.
  • Writing is an exchange of ideas.
  • My neighbors admire my gardening.
  • I am enjoying my gardening this year.
  • I have received several awards for my gardening.
  • I love reading.
  • Patrick likes photographing nature.
  • I avoid going to the dentist.
  • I miss taking walks in the morning.

List of Verbs Followed by Gerunds with Examples

The most important of these verbs are shown below.

abhor Tom abhors working outdoors.
acknowledge She acknowledges his working hard on the project.
admit He admitted cheating on the test.
advise The doctor generally advised drinking low-fat milk.
allow Ireland doesn’t allow smoking in bars.
anticipate I anticipated arriving late.
appreciate I appreciated her helping me.
avoid He avoided talking to her.
be worth It’s worth spending some time on the grammar.
begin I began learning Chinese.
can’t help Tom can’t help complaining about the heat.
can’t bear He can’t bear having so much responsibility.
can’t help He can’t help talking so loudly.
can’t see I can’t see paying so much money for a car.
can’t stand He can’t stand her smoking in the office.
cease The government ceased providing free healthcare.
celebrate We’ll celebrate working together for over fifty years.
complete He completed renovating the house.
confess Sam confessed stealing the money from her sister.
consider She considered moving to New York.
continue He continued talking.
defend The lawyer defended her making such statements.
delay He delayed doing his taxes.
deny He denied committing the crime.
despise She despises waking up early.
detest Jack detests learning new vocabulary.
discontinue The store discontinued providing customer service on demand.
discuss We discussed working at the company.
dislike She dislikes working after 6 PM.
dispute They dispute stealing the merchandise.
don’t mind I don’t mind helping you.
dread I dread taking tests.
dread She dreads getting up at 4 AM.
encourage He encourages eating healthy foods.
endure We endured listening to him for three hours.
enjoy We enjoy hiking.
escape The students escaped taking the test because the fire alarm rang.
evade He evades doing yard work on Sundays.
explain He’ll explain purchasing online next week.
fancy They fancy eating donuts.
fear I fear flying in airplanes.
feign Mary feigns not knowing anything.
finish He finished doing his homework.
forgive I forgot giving you my book.
hate I hate cleaning the bathroom.
imagine He imagines working there one day.
involve The job involves traveling to Japan once a month.
keep She kept interrupting me.
like She likes listening to music.
love I love swimming.
mention He mentioned going to that college.
mind Do you mind waiting here for a few minutes.
miss She misses living near the beach.
necessitate The job necessitates lifting heavy objects.
need The aquarium needs cleaning.
neglect Sometimes she neglects doing her homework.
omit We omitted discussing the new Thomson account during the meeting.
permit California does not permit smoking in restaurants.
picture Doug pictures retiring to Brazil.
postpone He postponed returning to New York.
practice She practiced singing the song.
prefer He prefers sitting at the back of the movie theater.
propose I proposed having lunch at the beach.
quit She quit worrying about the problem.
recall Tom recalled using his credit card at the store.
recollect She recollected living in Paris.
recommend Tony recommended taking the train.
regret She regretted saying that.
remember I remember telling her the address yesterday.
report He reported her stealing the money.
require The certificate requires completing two courses.
resent Nick resented Debbie’s being there.
resist He resisted asking for help.
resume We resumed speaking about the problem at the meeting.
risk He risked being caught.
shirk Dan shirked paying for the children’s meal.
shun Don’t shun spending time with those you don’t know very well.
start He started studying harder.
stop She stopped working at 5 o’clock.
suggest They suggested staying at the hotel.
support They supported our going to the doctor for help.
tolerate I tolerated her talking.
try Sam tried opening the lock with a paperclip.
understand I understand his quitting.
urge They urge recycling bottles and paper.
warrant The situation warrants investigating Mr.Thomson.

Verbs Followed by Gerunds

List of Verbs Followed by Gerunds with Gerund Examples – Image 2


List of Verbs Followed by Gerunds with Gerund Examples – Image 3


List of Verbs Followed by Gerunds with Gerund Examples – Image 4


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