List of Verbs | +200 Most Common English Verbs for ESL Learners 1

List of Verbs | +200 Most Common English Verbs for ESL Learners

List of Verbs! Useful list of over 200 verbs that are commonly used in English with example sentences and printable infographics. Learn these types of verbs with verb definition to improve your grammar in English.

Verb Definition and Types of Verbs

verb is a kind of word (part of speech) that tells about an action or a state. It is the main part of a sentence: every sentence has a verb. In English, verbs are the only kind of word that changes to show past or present tense.

There are many types of verbs as below:

List of Verbs

Here is a common list of verbs for you to expand your vocabulary:

Accept Guess
Achieve Harass
Add Hate
Admire Hear
Admit Help
Adopt Hit
Advise Hope
Agree Identify
Allow Interrupt
Announce Introduce
Appreciate Irritate
Approve Jump
Argue Keep
Arrive Kick
Ask Kiss
Assist Laugh
Attack Learn
Bake Leave
Bathe Lend
Be Lie
Beat Like
Become Listen
Beg Lose
Behave Love
Bet Make
Boast Marry
Boil Measure
Borrow Meet
Breathe Move
Bring Murder
Build Obey
Burn Offend
Bury Offer
Buy Open
Call Paint
Catch Pay
Challenge Pick
Change Play
Cheat Pray
Chew Print
Choose Pull
Clap Punch
Clean Punish
Collect Purchase
Compare Push
Complain Quit
Confess Race
Confuse Read
Construct Relax
Control Remember
Copy Reply
Count Retire
Create Rub
Cry See
Damage Select
Dance Sell
Deliver Send
Destroy Sing
Disagree Snore
Drag Stand
Drive Stare
Drop Start
Earn Stink
Eat Study
Employ Sweep
Encourage Swim
Enjoy Take
Establish Talk
Estimate Teach
Exercise Tear
Expand Tell
Explain Thank
Fear Travel
Feel Type
Fight Understand
Find Use
Fly Visit
Forget Wait
Forgive Walk
Fry Want
Gather Warn
Get Wed
Give Weep
Glow Wink
Greet Worry
Grow Write

Common Verb List | Infographic

list of verbs

list of verbs

list of verbs

List of Verbs | +200 Most Common English Verbs for ESL Learners 2

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