Preposition of Place | 70+ Useful Examples of Prepositions of Place IN, ON, AT

Preposition of Place in English! Learn a list of the most commonly used prepositions with At, In, On in English with ESL printable infographic.

Prepositions are words which link nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. Prepositions usually describe the position of something, the time when something happens and the way in which something is done. Prepositions of place is one of them and it refers to those prepositions that can be used to show where something is located.

Preposition of Place

There are three basic prepositions of place: IN, ON, AT

Prepositions of Place: At

‘At’ is used for a point:

  • At college
  • At home
  • At reception
  • At school
  • At the bottom
  • At the cinema
  • At the corner
  • At the crossroads
  • At the desk
  • At the dinner
  • At the door
  • At the end of the lane
  • At the end of the road
  • At the entrance
  • At the exit
  • At the front desks
  • At the side
  • At the top
  • At the top of the page
  • At university
  • At work

Prepositions of Place: In

‘In’ is used for enclosed spaces / larger areas:

  • In a taxi
  • In the sky
  • In the building
  • In a row
  • In the newspaper
  • In the garden
  • In a boat
  • In Germany
  • In the store
  • In the kitchen
  • In a car
  • In my pocket
  • In the room
  • In Oxford Street
  • In the book
  • In a building
  • In the park
  • In a lift
  • In London
  • In a helicopter
  • In a box
  • In the picture
  • In Park Street
  • In the bathroom
  • In the world
  • In my bag
  • In the magazine
  • In the tower

Prepositions of Place: On

‘On’ is used for surfaces, is seen as a point on a line, by a lake or sea:

  • On the way
  • On the radio
  • On the page
  • On a bicycle
  • On a ship
  • On a horse
  • On a train
  • On the right
  • On the floor
  • On the menu
  • On the left
  • On the cover
  • On the rug
  • On an elephant
  • On the table
  • On the bus
  • On the carpet
  • On a page
  • On a plane
  • On the wall
  • On the television

Prepositions of Place List| Infographic

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anand singh
anand singh
2 years ago

on television explain it

2 years ago
Reply to  anand singh

like horses

2 years ago

how do I explain to students when you can use both in and at depending on the context?
eg. what did you do this weekend? I was at the park all day.
eg 2. where are you right now? I am in the park, where are you?
I’ am going to be at the movie theater later, want to meet up? or I am in the movie theatre I cant talk right now.

1 year ago
Reply to  Vanessa

Those are the what so called “grey areas”. You can use them both!

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