Prepositions of Movement | Definition, Useful List & Examples

Prepositions of Movement! Learn the definition, a useful list of prepositions of movement, with examples sentences and ESL printable picture in English.

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Prepositions of Movement List

Prepositions of movement show movement from one place to another. There are 9 basic prepositions that pertain to movement:

Prepositions of Movement: To

‘To’ is used when there is a specific destination in mind. The destination can be a number of things:

A place:

  • I’m going to the doctor’s.
  • Can you direct me to the nearest post office?

An event:

  • Are you going to the party?
  • I have never been to a concert.

A person:

  • She came up to me.
  • I go to my father for advice.

A position:

  • The bathroom is to your left.
  • Keep to the left.

Prepositions of Movement: Towards

‘Towards’ is used in the following instances:

When one has movement in a particular direction in mind, rather than simply a destination:

  • He was walking menacingly towards me.

Or to refer to a position, in relation to a direction from the point of view of the speaker:

  • He was sitting with his back towards me.

Prepositions of Movement: Through

‘Through’ refers to the following types of movement:

Within a space, which can be thought of as surrounding, enclosing or around the object:

  • The train went through the tunnel.

Movement across something, i.e. from one side of it to the other:

  • He cut through the gauze.

Prepositions of Movement: Into

‘Into’ refers to the following types of movement:

Movement from the outside to the inside of something that can be imagined as surrounding, enclosing or around the object:

  • He got into the car.

Movement causing something to hit something else:

  • He swerved into the tree.

Prepositions of Movement: Across

‘Across’ is used to describe:

Movement from one end of something to the other:

  • He walked across the road.
  • He strode across the bridge.

Something’s position when it stretches over the surface it is on:

  • There was a barricade across the road.

To describe something’s position when it is at the opposite end from one’s position:

  • We went to the restaurant across the road.

Prepositions of Movement: Over

‘Over’ is used in the following instances:

To describe something’s position when it is above something else:

  • The bottle is in the cabinet over the sink in the kitchen.

To describe something’s position when it covers a surface:

  • A white cloth had been spread over the corpse.

Prepositions of Movement: Along

‘Along’ is used to describe:

Movement in a line:

  • We walked along the river.

The collective position of a group of things that are in a line:

  • He lived in one of the houses along the river.

Prepositions of Movement: In

‘In’ is used in the following instances:

Something’s position in relation to the area or space or place surrounding it:

  • We are going to have our picnic in the park.
  • I left my car in the garage.

To express towards the inside of something:

  • Put the pickle in the cabinet.

Prepositions of Movement: On

‘On’ is used in the following instances:

To describe something’s position in relation to a surface:

  • There was an array of food on the table.

To describe movement in the direction of a surface:

  • The rain falling on the roof kept me from sleeping.

Examples of Prepositions of Movement

Here are some more example sentences showing prepositions of movement in context:

  • We’re going to town on the bus, okay?
  • She walked over to the window.
  • We received another invitation to a wedding this morning.
  • She stood up and walked towards him.
  • She kept glancing towards the phone.
  • I walked backwards towards the door.
  • They walked slowly through the woods.
  • He struggled through the crowd till he reached the front.
  • Let’s go into the garden.
  • Stop running around and get into bed!
  • She walked across the field/road.
  • They’re building a new bridge across the river.
  • Helicopters dropped leaflets over the city.
  • I put a shawl over my shoulders.
  • We walked along the beach collecting small crabs in a bucket.
  • Cars were parked all along the road.
  • Get in the car.
  • She stepped in the batter’s box.
  • Your suitcase is on top of the wardrobe.
  • They live in that old house on the hill.

Prepositions of Movement | Infographic

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